The selling outlet

The selling outlet is situated at the ground floor of the “Casetta del Cantiniere” (the Winery keeper’s house), a 17th century building, recently restored, which is located next to the Winery.

Inside you will find  our finest wines, wine sold by measure and typical, local delicacies: homemade jams, dried mushrooms and lentils from  Castelluccio, extra-virgin oil and  Ascoli olives , pasta from Campofilone,  Anisetta and liqueurs of the Meletti Company.

Opening hours

  • January-November

    • Monday to Friday: 9,00 am/1,00 pm - 3,00 pm/7,00 pm

    • Saturday: 9,00 am/1,00 pm

  • December

    • 9,00 am/1,00 pm - 3,00 pm/7,00 pm including Saturdays and Sundays

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Azienda Agrivitivinicola
Filippo Panichi

Via Scirola, 37
63082 Castel di Lama AP - Italy

P. IVA: 01497390441

Tel +39 0736 816396

Fax +39 0736 812096


Skype cantinafilippopanichi

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